Saturday, 14 April 2018

What Happens to Joe the Farmer Now? You Tell Me

  So I made a post about a simple farmer finding a Vorpal Sword in the woods the other day. It was to discuss certain aspects of magic items in a campaign world and how different people would react to them. Discussions were had that I thought were interesting and people elaborated on what they think should actually happen to such a simple farmer finding such an item. 
  The original idea itself wasn't what I'd call interesting, nor was it meant to be since it was all tongue-in-cheek. But if anyone wanted to elaborate and tell their version of what happens next, here's the place; Simply leave a comment as long or short as you want with your version of the following events in Joe's life. Anything goes, you can add details to how the sword works or behaves (if you decide it should be sentient), you can choose what happens with the cousin, add characters, etc. 

  The story's beginning itself as presented in the original post is extremely simple, here it is: Joe the Farmer is a Level 0 Commoner with 4 HP. While walking in the woods yesterday, Joe has found himself a +4 Vorpal Sword!  Joe knows it's magic because he's swung it around a few times for fun and he notices that with the magical bonus granted by the sword he somehow seems to know what the fuck he's doing with it. His stance is good, the swings are aimed right. When he tries the same with a tree branch just to see if he somehow picked up fighting skills thanks to his daydreamings, it doesn't work. 'Tis a magic sword alright!Joe is very lucky in that he has a nephew in the city who trades and sells things to adventurers and criminals in the black market. Joe could sell this magic sword, even with the cut his nephew would take it would certainly be enough to retire!

  Since previous posts were about discussing everyone's personal views of how such a thing would take place and counterargue each other, I want to clarify that this post is rather for the fun of sharing exactly how YOU would see it go down. Feel free to use gaming terms like I did if you want or to go into full fictional writing mode.

  I hope some of you will participate, as the previous quick comments on what would happen to Joe (wether for or against my own arguments) were fun and I would like to read more and see how different people have different expectations for this sort of thing. 

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