Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Cruel D&D Idea: The Fire-Breathing Potion

  Imagine the following; Your players have defeated the evil wizard and have access to his treasure. They find magical items, scrolls, spellbooks, potions... Indeed, there is even an awesome FIRE-BREATHING POTION. It is labelled and it even says "duration of 10 minutes".

  A pretty useful potion, correct? Well, here's the thing; If someone drinks the potion, it means that for the next ten minutes they need to breathe fire instead of oxygen to survive. (Treat a character who drank the potion and is not breathing in fire as drowning per the rules of your system of choice.)

  Of course while the person's body has been changed to inhale fire safely, it does not protect the outside of the body in any way from fire, so unless the players get creative, a character who manages to breathe fire will probably be burning their face every round they do so too. (Normal fire damage applies.)

  Whether they instinctively realize that they need to breathe fire to survive is up to you as a GM. Maybe a Wisdom check?