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The OSR is Not One Single Group

A neutral look at the OSR's political affiliations if any.

   I will make this post as short as I can, and politically neutral. I'm just going to state facts, not personal opinions. (Unless you want to consider my conclusion from the data presented my personal opinion.)

  Let's have a look to see if the OSR has a majority political side, backed by data where gamers actually put money on what they wanted.

  First, one of the writers that some people point to when they claim the OSR is this super-Conservative group, Venger Satanis. 

  Or is it Venger Christianis?

  Anyway, moving on! This is the result of Venger's latest fundraiser (that I could find online) for his Cha'alt After Dark book:

  Now let's have a look at a definitely Progressive OSR game, Chromatic Dungeons by Rod Waibel:

    This is a screenshot from the Chromatic Dragons Kickstarter:

And the results of the fundraising campaign for that game:

  So there you have it. Between Venger Satanis-Christianis and Rob Waibel, Venger had slightly more backers while Rob had slightly more money from his backers. I consider this a tie, 1 point for each.

  This is where you could argue my personal opinion comes in, I do think a higher price value can detract a few people so it's why I separate the number of backers and the total money raised as each worth '1 point' for my judging.

Side-Note for transparency: There are bigger names in the OSR than Venger Satanis-Christianis and Rob Waibel of course. I was initially thinking of two in particular. One I would consider conservative and the other progressive. I am not using them as examples because their popularity goes beyond the scope of the OSR alone. Also, the conservative one openly tries to make his games neutral of politics -unlike Venger who writes anti-abortion adventures- and the progressive one has people who follow his work in other areas than even the TTRPG hobby. Because of that, they seemed to me ill-suited for a balanced look at the OSR by itself stripped of other outside factors. I am sure some of you can guess who I am talking about but to confirm it would send the conversation in completely off-the-rails directions I am sure.

Also of interest:

Friday, 29 April 2022

Ghoul Class for Undead Malefactors - First Draft (BX Rules)


  Linnias stood there with the other Ghouls and watched the Vampire Lady Virria Xarras bathe. He and his brethren were her bodyguards and thus followed her everywhere, but the only reason they would stare at her naked body as she stood in her bath was that she demanded it. She was a cruel one, as she did so to mock them all. 

  Her husband the Vampire Lord Fangar Xarras made sure that all the Ghouls who guarded his Lady had their genitals removed. 

  Being Ghouls they would slowly regrow the lost members over the next few weeks, so it was a painful procedure that was repeated as soon as they were deemed too repaired. Linnias was a recent servant to the House Xarras and so had only gone through the 'ritual' seven times so far. He had hoped to be transferred eventually to the Ghoul Trooper squads who went out on raiding missions outside of the Xarras City-State. It was beginning to look more and more unlikely that would ever happen.

  He had been a Ghoul for a few months so it was a shock for him to learn that apparently, Ghoul regeneration had its limits. The longest-serving Ghouls of House Xarras eventually stopped regenerating what was removed during the rituals. Linnias did not know if it was due to some magic employed during the ritual or a subconscious reaction in the Ghouls who just did not want to go under that knife again. All he knew was that he wished he hadn't ended up serving House Xarras.

  Lady Virria stared at him and grinned, thinking she must have been quite the torturous sight to the new servant. Far from it actually. Linnias had always favored the company of men both in life and in undeath. He had early on considered telling Lord Fangar of this to possibly avoid the ritual, but he feared the paranoid Lord would think it a ruse and have Linnias eliminated.

  He had to find a way out, but now that he knew their secrets his Vampire rulers would never let him go. It was time to reach out in secret to the enemies of House Xarras and plot their final demise.

  These pathetic Undead of horrifying appearance live under the shadow of their Vampire superiors. Ghouls are disrespected and mistreated by the Vampire elite who command them. They crave human flesh, living or dead. Like all Undead they are cruel beings but amplified by the bitterness and frustration of how Vampires treat them. Most Ghouls would love nothing more than to lash out at Vampires, but they are supernaturally inclined to obey their orders. Still, it does happen that the occasional Ghoul attacks a Vampire in bitter frustration. Such Ghouls are often caught and executed before long. Ghouls are the soldiers, bodyguards, and enforcers of the Vampires. Their ability to withstand the sun also makes them perfect for venturing out of a City-State in search of nomadic tribes of Humans that they can capture and bring back to the City-States.

Prime Requisite: Dex, Str
HD: d6
Alignment: Ghouls can only be Chaotic
Armor: Any
Shields: Any
Weapons: Any
Languages: Common, Demonic
Combat Progression: As Fighter
Saving Throws: As Thief
Max. Level: 13

Bite: Ghouls have a natural bite attack that deals 1d4 damage.

Immunities: Ghouls are immune to Ghoul Paralysis, Diseases, and Poisons.

Ghouls do not need to breathe.

Ghouls do not eat or drink normal food, they crave the flesh of humans, alive or dead.

Infravision up to 30 ft.

Skills: Ghouls have some skills in common with the Thief at the same progression rate. They are Hide in Shadows, Move Silently, and Climb Sheer Surfaces. Note that if a Ghoul wears any armor other than leather, these skills are halved (rounded down).

Supernatural Devotion: Ghouls have a supernatural fear and devotion to Vampires, even if their true, actual feelings are bitter and hateful. As such, they suffer a -2 penalty on all attacks made against a Vampire and on all Saving Throws made against a Vampire's attack. 

Ghoul Paralysis: A Ghoul can Paralyze a target once per day. This ability works as the spell Hold Person but only on an individual and the Ghoul needs to make physical contact with the target.

Regeneration: Ghouls can regrow lost limbs in 1d4 weeks.

Ghouls can have their own Pack of Ghouls at Level 10, along with their own home base. This is normally under a Vampire's approval and supervision but not always. (Details to be fleshed out.)

Level Up Table: Starting at level 2 and every two levels thereafter, a Ghoul can roll on the Level Up Table and apply the result to their character. Note: The final version of this Class will have a much longer list.

Level-Up Table
1. Child Soldiers: You now have 1d4+1 human child soldiers at your service. Work out with your GM how this came to be. They are brainwashed into serving you and their Morale when doing so is 12. (For other situations roll their Morale as normal.) You have to pay for their equipment and any other requirements to keep them alive f you choose to do so. They otherwise share the same stat block as a Goblin but without any of the Goblin traits.
2. You have discovered the secret to becoming a Vampire! Work out with your GM how you find this out and what it is that you need to do to accomplish this. See the rules for Becoming a Vampire on page XX.
3. You now have claws. Same stats as the Bite.
4. Every time you eat someone's face there is a chance of 1 in 6 that your own face will mimic the one you ate and make its appearance. It doesn't change your overall appearance and size, not even the rest of your head. Not even your fangs change, only your face. You keep that face for 1d4 hours before it reverts back to normal.
5. (More to come.)

XP to get to Level 2 (Full XP Chart to come) - 1800 xp 

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The Outlandish Open System


Image by

  This is a compilation of all the rules of the Outlandish Open System established so far. Once this is complete, I will create a free PDF that anyone can have. You can use the system to create your own stuff.

  I will be updating and editing this regularly, Twitter comments that get this as a reply indicate that the rule has been added to this post here:

  For those who want to add to the rules, the thread is HERE. I encourage contributors to not only add new rules but fill gaps in what we currently have.

  I will be using open source art for the PDF and any art that happens to be offered for the Outlandish Open System by artists, if any. (If you want to gift some art to Outlandish, send it to me via any of my social media or at chroniclesofthecrimsonhound(at) gmail (dot) com
  Make sure to title it 'Art for Outlandish' or something like that.

  And now to the rules and setting established so far by the contributors*. 

System and Dice + Misc

  • This system only uses d4s and d12s, no exceptions.
  • Actions are prewritten after initiative is rolled using d12s, then revealed in initiative order.
  • Players who critically hit get to play 5 seconds of their favorite rocking music soundtrack. (OPTIONAL RULE)
  • On a critical failure in combat, roll 1d12+2d4. On a result of 7 or less, your weapon shatters or explodes, if possible, in your hand. On 8 or 9, you throw it 1d12 feet in a random direction. On 10 or higher, you just miss.
  • When your character dies, 3 random aspects (for better or worse, effects decided on random tables) will be altered and your character will be reborn at dawn's first light. (Setting-specific. In other settings this might not apply.)
  • Every time a character dies, they lose 1d4 from their Destiny score. If they don't have d4s, one of their d12s becomes a d4. If they only have 1d4 left in Destiny, the player can no longer play the character. A reason is given in-story regarding why they leave. It could be death if the player so choses. (Setting specific. In other settings he loss of Destiny instead represents avoiding death, not coming back from it. Some other settings might not even allow to use Destiny to avoid death.)
  • The party shares an HP pool. Players have their own individual HP based on d12s, and a shared group HP pool of d4s. When hit, players choose which HPs get chipped away.
  • 0 HP = dead. HOWEVER, a PC can only die in combat. Arrow traps, poison needles pricking fingers,spiked pit traps, a nasty STD, can reduce HP no lower than 1. The GM will apply heavy penalties to all skills afflicted by the damage source.
  • Attributes are combined with Skills to create a Dice Pool. A player adds up their die results together to see if it adds up to enough to reach (once or many times) the Difficulty of a roll. (E.g: a Difficulty of 5 with a total die roll result of 11 would indicate 2 Successes. On a Difficulty of 10 it would indicate a single Success.) A Critical Failure happens when 3 dice roll a 1 and not a single success is had. Three 1s on a successful roll are not a Critical Failure. Three natural 12s on d12s in a successful roll indicate a Critical Success. Examples of rolls - Swimming for a long time in a pool: Willpower + Physical Exertion, Difficulty 5. Same but in the sea: Willpower + Physical Exertion, Difficulty 10. In the sea with strong waves: Difficulty 15 or 20. Being able to see and interact with a door connected to Day. Supernatural Potential + Day Language, Difficulty depends on the door.

  • Whenever a player asks "What's in my pocket?" and that hasn't already been established, Roll (d4): 1-Handses (it could be your hands. Could be some else's!) 2-Knife 3-String 4-Nothing!
  • You can spend HP. So, if you start on 20HP and are currently at 17, you can spend 2HP (i.e. go down to 15) to buff a dice roll by two points.
  • No character classes.
  • When only 1/4 of the starting HP pool (not personal HP) remains the PC enters "fight of flight mode" at the start of their turn, they throw a D4. On a 1-2 it's fight and the PC gains a bonus on attack. On a 3-4, it's flight and the pc gains a bonus on evasion. Bonus is rolled on a D12.
  • To hit an opponent in combat, a character rolls their appropriate Combat attribute + Physical Exertion versus the opponent's same roll. The amount of successes of the attacker over the target's -if any- is the amount of dice rolled for damage. Some weapons use d4s for damage, others d12s. Difficulty 5 as a default. The GM might decide to change it in different situations. For example, if someone is defending without a weapon but the attacker has a sword, the GM may decide the attacker rolls at Difficulty 5 and the defender at Difficulty 10.
  • Out of game snacks give in game benefits as a +1 bonus to rolls. Ex. Spicy chips give cold resistance, high protein meal gives increased attack damage
  • Trade: Don't use money, use stuff, and it's half impractical. Use bartering. 1 Cattle = 10 Pelts = 100 Candles = 200 half-Candles, etc. Makes sure that things which produce light (gas, bulbs?, electricity?, oil, etc.) are a currency in itself, make light a valuable tradable stuff. (setting specific)
  • When rolling damage, d12s explode, any 12s are re-rolled and added. No limit to the amount of times this can happen.
  • Defending in combat. Armor adds to your dice pool when defending against an attack. A leather armor might add 1d4, a full plate armor a 1d12. The system keeps armor simple, it's either light armor or heavy armor A magic or high-tech armor might add more, like 1d12+1d4. Every additional defense after the first in a round makes you lose a die from your defense pool, starting with d4s if there are any. If you run out of dice, you can't defend anymore. The attacker still needs to succeed at their attack to hit of course.
  • Personal HP is permanent while Pool HP is always re-rolled before every combat. Thus, Personal HP is a fixed number on the character sheet while Pool HP section has the dice rolled to determine a specific combat's HP Pool. For calculating starting Personal HP, see Character Creation. Pool HP consists of d4s. There's one d4 per PC present in combat. There's another 1d4 for every PC Attribute at 3d12 except for Supernatural Potential. There's another single 1d4 if at least one PC present has at least 5d12 in Physical Exertion.

  • Attributes

    Close Combat
    Ranged Combat
    Supernatural Potential*

    More can be added later by me or others if needed.

    (* means this Attribute can never be increased after character creation.)


    Skills are d12 relative success dice pools
    And are as follows

    1. Night Language
    2. Day Language
    3. Medicine
    4. Search Area
    5. Overcome Illness
    6. Magic
    7. Observe
    8. Create X
    9. Physical Exertion
    10. Finagle
    11. React
    12. Improvise

    • Related to skills 1,2 and 6: To interact with different aspects of the world, characters will need to use the Day or Night language. A house in the woods might only exist if someone speaks Night Language words first. A magic healer might only be able to heal someone who speaks Day Language words first. Speaking these languages always requires a skill roll for Humans. Succeeding at them extremely well can give a temporary -or rarely permanent- magic ability. Failing at them really bad gives a temporary -or sometimes permanent- curse.
    • Related to Skills 1, 2 and 8: Items crafted at the right time while speaking Day or Night Language will give it a +1 bonus to a roll result (or increase a Difficulty to resist by 1). The GM decides what fits Day or Night and in which way the bonus would apply. Some examples: traps get a bonus to function if built at night, coffee gets bonus if brewed in the morning, cairne circles work best when erected at twilight. (The last example would require speaking both Day and Night languages.)
    • Related to Skill 6: Uses a dynamic spell casting system. So difficulty of the spell is determined by probability. The more the spell pushes against reality the more difficult it becomes.
    • Related to Skill 6: Selecting a type of magic (Arcane, Divine, Primal) precludes you from casting the other types. Magic is powerful and no-one may master more than one type ever.
    • You may rename any of your 12 skill pools to change the flavor of your character, however, changing one of the base skills prohibits you from ever learning what it used to be. For example: you sacrifice Finagle to develop the new skill Profit but now you cannot Finagle.

      • Character Creation

      • All PCs are from different countries And do not understand each other’s alien Ways
      • At character creation, all players get eleven points to allocate to their skills - the points allocated to each skill is the amount of D12s the player rolls when attempting to perform that skill. (Dice Pool) No starting skill can have ore than 5 points put in it.
      • At character creation each Attribute receives 2d12 for their dice pool. A player can however decide to change an Attribute to 2d4s to increase another Attribute to 2d12+1d4. They may further decrease a 2d4 Attribute to 1d4 to add a 1d4 to another 2d12 Attribute, or push a 2d12+1d4 Attribute to 3d12. 
      • Personal HP is determined by combining the dice of the best two Attributes of a character excluding Supernatural Potential and ignoring all d4s. The d12s are then rolled and their results added up to determine the character's Personal HP.
      • Species is randomly determined with a d12: 1- Ytpisil 2- Noble Fish 3- Doll 4- Invisible People 5- Moon Vultures 6- Fey 7 to 12- Human

      • Playable Species

        These are all different Species who cannot have offspring between each other. Cultural background is not uniquely defined by Species, lots of countries have a mixed population.

        • Ytpisil- Plant People. Regenerates personal HP pool, no limit, grows ill and becomes stationary at too much HP.
        • Human- Lost and confused. Their blood (damage), makes things animate.
        • Noble Fish- Giant trout with clothes. Amphibians, their promises become objects to help make the promise come to fruition.
        • Doll – Any kind of magical construct. Naturally tough and armored, cannot heal only repair.
        • Invisible People- They wear clothes to avoid fading. Invisible when unclothed-they slowly fade when unseen.
        • Moon Vultures- Pale and sorcerous scavengers. Nocturnal, does not breathe, and can fly.
        • Fey- Little Pink Cherubs. The oldest, and remembered by the land and what they created.


        Characters can carry no more items than their “Physical Exertion” skill without penalty.

        These items are carried or strapped and at the ready at all times. Free action to grab and use.

        You can put Small Items in bags, pouches and so on, but it takes actions to access the bag.
        Carrying more than your exertion score slows you down and lowers your initiative, and you can never carry more than 4x that.

        Bags have a capacity, encumbrances, and speed. So a belt pouch might be a 2/1/1 and a backpack a 10/5/5.
        A big sack might even be 10/2/10. 

        It lets you carry a lot but is a pain to get anything out of. 

        Bag of holding would be like 50/1/10

        *All system contributors will be credited in the final compilation by their Twitter user names unless they request that I use another name or they prefer to not be credited. Be sure to let me know. 

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        The Only Way to Kill the Monster


        Just a quick random table for conditions required to kill a monster. (Either to make the death permanent or to bring it below 1 hp at all, up to you.)

        1.  The person attacking the monster must be holding a flower with one petal left. That petal must then remain attached to the flower for a whole day, otherwise the monster comes back more powerful than ever! (Plus 1d4 HD)
        2. The monster must be killed by a blade that has been sunk into the heart of someone who trusted the person who stabbed them.
        3. The attacker must keep a live wasp inside the mouth and quickly swallow it after the killing blow has been dealt on the monster.
        4. The attacker must not see the monster on the same day or night that the killing blow is dealt. Only once the monster is truly dead can the attacker look upon the monster. If the attackerlooks at the monster at the exact moment of the killing blow or while the monster is dying, the attacker will become a monster like the one that died on the next full moon. (Might be avoided with a Saving Throw if the GM wishes.)

        This was just a little something I threw together for fun but if anyone wants me to make the list longer please leave a comment.

        Sunday, 19 September 2021

        Paragon Man! A Character Concept for 'Actual Fucking Monsters'


          Concept: Carlton Clarke, an unassuming and often bullied reporter is actually Paragon Man, the only Actual Superhero! The last survivor of his home planet, he was sent to Earth as a baby... You know what, I'm sure you know how the story goes. What you might not know is that Carlton/Paragon Man is addicted to saving those close to him. His 'loved ones' if he really felt emotions such as love instead of acting like he does. You might think that's a GOOD thing, right? 
          Well, it would be if all the times he saves his friends and 'love interests' were legitimate. The thing is that to fill his Satiation, Paragon Man secretly plots to put his pals and love interests in danger! Never killing his enemies under the pretense of a 'no killing' code to make sure they can try to take revenge at him through his 'loved' ones -allowing him the chance to save them-, posing with his 'friends' in public as much as possible to make them obvious targets... Sometimes he even secretly helps his enemies escape prison without anyone knowing. (A jailed criminal might find the bars of his cell compromised, not knowing earlier Paragon Man sneaked in to weaken them with his superhuman strength, for example.)
          If any of those close to him die he is legitimately distressed and saddened, but not out of any human sense of empathy, rather because it has become harder to fill his Satiation without them.
          Although he doesn't fully understand why, he has also realized over the years that he is more powerful when he is mocked and bullied as Carlton Clarke. He hates that fact but plays the role of the meek mild-mannered man who never defends himself, acting in ways that will attract ridicule knowing otherwise he'll find his powers weakened. He would love nothing more than to kill those who torment him under his human identity but he needs them to be the most powerful version of himself.
          If that wasn't enough, he has noticed he is also more powerful when he is popular and celebrated by the masses of his city as Paragon Man, something that he does enjoy a lot. As a reporter, he writes countless articles and opinion pieces celebrating Paragon Man to make sure he is at his peak.

        PARAGON MAN as a starting AFM Character

        Type: Those Who Are Born (Alien)
        Nature (d6): Superhero Best Pal. (Fills Satiation if he Rescues a Person Close to Him)

        Mind d6
        Body d12
        Spirit d4

        Mask (Reporter) d4: Investigaton d6, Writing d6, Persuasion d6

        Powers: Armoured d8, Olympian d8, Flying d8*

        Banes: Mineral from his Home World d8, Weakened if Not Ridiculed as Carlton Clarke d6, Weakened if Public Opinion Wanes d4

        *Flying is a power from the AFM Companion

        Wednesday, 18 August 2021

        Tuesday, 9 February 2021

        OSR Crossover


          Elevator pitch: This post is an invitation to anyone with an OSR Actual Play show (no matter the platform) to contact me to do a crossover story that would span across different participating shows.

        More Context:  I have an Actual Play OSR show titled CHRONICLES OF THE CRIMSON HOUND. The quick description of the show is that it's Horror Cyberpunk instead of Medieval Fantasy and that I am the Player Character in my show, with every Serial (A game session edited into episodes) having a different Guest GM. Since most OSR out there is Medieval Fantasy, some dimension-crossing would be involved in the story to make this crossover happen.

          The goal is to have a single story that would begin on my channel, then the next episode would continue in the channel of the next crossover participant, and so on. The amount of parts to the story would depend on how many shows would like to participate, but each episode would have the Crimson Hound finding himself in the world of one of the shows that chose to participate, playing with the show's regular group under its regular GM.

          There are more details to the logistics of this of course, but I don't want to make this post too long so if you're interested in this idea or have any questions, contact me at <titleoftheshow> or on any of my social media which you can find on the show's blog HERE.

          Talk to you soon I hope!