Saturday, 23 October 2021

The Only Way to Kill the Monster


Just a quick random table for conditions required to kill a monster. (Either to make the death permanent or to bring it below 1 hp at all, up to you.)

  1.  The person attacking the monster must be holding a flower with one petal left. That petal must then remain attached to the flower for a whole day, otherwise the monster comes back more powerful than ever! (Plus 1d4 HD)
  2. The monster must be killed by a blade that has been sunk into the heart of someone who trusted the person who stabbed them.
  3. The attacker must keep a live wasp inside the mouth and quickly swallow it after the killing blow has been dealt on the monster.
  4. The attacker must not see the monster on the same day or night that the killing blow is dealt. Only once the monster is truly dead can the attacker look upon the monster. If the attackerlooks at the monster at the exact moment of the killing blow or while the monster is dying, the attacker will become a monster like the one that died on the next full moon. (Might be avoided with a Saving Throw if the GM wishes.)

This was just a little something I threw together for fun but if anyone wants me to make the list longer please leave a comment.

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