Sunday, 19 September 2021

Paragon Man! A Character Concept for 'Actual Fucking Monsters'


  Concept: Carlton Clarke, an unassuming and often bullied reporter is actually Paragon Man, the only Actual Superhero! The last survivor of his home planet, he was sent to Earth as a baby... You know what, I'm sure you know how the story goes. What you might not know is that Carlton/Paragon Man is addicted to saving those close to him. His 'loved ones' if he really felt emotions such as love instead of acting like he does. You might think that's a GOOD thing, right? 
  Well, it would be if all the times he saves his friends and 'love interests' were legitimate. The thing is that to fill his Satiation, Paragon Man secretly plots to put his pals and love interests in danger! Never killing his enemies under the pretense of a 'no killing' code to make sure they can try to take revenge at him through his 'loved' ones -allowing him the chance to save them-, posing with his 'friends' in public as much as possible to make them obvious targets... Sometimes he even secretly helps his enemies escape prison without anyone knowing. (A jailed criminal might find the bars of his cell compromised, not knowing earlier Paragon Man sneaked in to weaken them with his superhuman strength, for example.)
  If any of those close to him die he is legitimately distressed and saddened, but not out of any human sense of empathy, rather because it has become harder to fill his Satiation without them.
  Although he doesn't fully understand why, he has also realized over the years that he is more powerful when he is mocked and bullied as Carlton Clarke. He hates that fact but plays the role of the meek mild-mannered man who never defends himself, acting in ways that will attract ridicule knowing otherwise he'll find his powers weakened. He would love nothing more than to kill those who torment him under his human identity but he needs them to be the most powerful version of himself.
  If that wasn't enough, he has noticed he is also more powerful when he is popular and celebrated by the masses of his city as Paragon Man, something that he does enjoy a lot. As a reporter, he writes countless articles and opinion pieces celebrating Paragon Man to make sure he is at his peak.

PARAGON MAN as a starting AFM Character

Type: Those Who Are Born (Alien)
Nature (d6): Superhero Best Pal. (Fills Satiation if he Rescues a Person Close to Him)

Mind d6
Body d12
Spirit d4

Mask (Reporter) d4: Investigaton d6, Writing d6, Persuasion d6

Powers: Armoured d8, Olympian d8, Flying d8*

Banes: Mineral from his Home World d8, Weakened if Not Ridiculed as Carlton Clarke d6, Weakened if Public Opinion Wanes d4

*Flying is a power from the AFM Companion

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