Sunday, 19 January 2014

'The Tale of Rhovanor' Part 2: Goblins v.s Kobolds!

  On their way down the underground tunnel towards the dark elf territory, the only way from which Rhovanor the elf and the band of ten non-evil goblins might find a way out of where they are currently trapped, the second goblin Rhocanor met (the first being the one he decapitated) tells him his name is Crack, but that in goblin it doesn't sound as silly. (We had previously rolled to see if Rhovanor knew the goblin language. He didn't.) It wasn't long before the growth of underground glowing fungi and mushrooms gave them enough light so that they didn't need torches anymore.

  The group ended up facing four different underground passages and they could hear sounds coming from the last one on the right; an odd squeaky language Rhovanor did not know and the sound of splashing water. The old goblin chief mentioned that it was Kobold-Speak and at Rhovanor's behest, translated what they were saying: "One says: 'Hey, don't be a dick and stop splashing it on my face!" and another says "Give me some space, I wanna go in too!'"

  Rhovanor was really thirsty so he suggested that they enter the room and see if they could peacefully ask for some water, despite the warnings from the goblin chief that these kobolds served the dark elves and were 'not natural'.

  When they stepped into the huge cavern, Rhovanor saw what the old goblin chief had meant; The kobolds inside were all mutated horribly (Two heads, one was big as a human, another had quills on his back...) and most were bathing in a pool of red liquid. The goblin chief barely had time to speak as the kobolds attacked right away.

  I'd rolled 17 kobolds, there were 10 goblins and there was Rhovanor. 'Burgs and Bailiffs: Warfare Too' does have some rules for group skirmishes but since I didn't remember the rules correctly and didn't want to slow down the game, I decided to use the tables on the back covers of 'Vornheim' to deal with this quickly. I'll read up on 'Warfare Too' sometime soon.

  The medium-sized kobold went to duel Rhovanor... And the kobold scored a critical. I open up a random critical hit table from my bookmarks and roll on it... Rhovanor almost loses an arm but doesn't. Instead he goes negative. I roll on the table in 'Tales of the Grotesque and Dungeonesque II' for when a character goes negative. Rhovanor gets to stay up for 3 rounds but after that he'll die if he receives no medical assistance. In a desperate all-out attack, Rhovanor manages to kill his kobold opponent while the battle rages on around him, but he's still bleeding out...

To Be Continued...

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