Friday, 17 January 2014

'The Tale of Rhovanor' Part 1

  The first in a series of posts where I share a new campaign I'm running for a friend. (A one GM/One player game) We'll be playing once per week and I'll be posting daily (more or less!), so one session is told over the course of its following week.

  My friend rolls up an Elf using the Lamentations of the Flame Princess rules. For those not used to systems where a race is a Class, Elves in that game are basically a mix of Fighter and Magic-User.

  We then use Tales of the Grotesque and Dungeonesque to roll up his background (Prostitute!) and Dark Secret (He once ate human flesh and he liked the taste!).

  I start rolling dice for almost all the tables of The Dungeon Alphabet to help me flesh out the dungeon while my friend listens to some music.

  'What happened right before the game actually starts', A.K.A we make sense of the background and dark secret that were rolled:
  Rhovanor Werlyndren was an Elf gigolo who worked in the human city of Silvercrest. A few days ago as he was working at an orgy for nobles and rich merchants, a Dwarf woman wanted to sleep with him. He refused no matter what he was offered in coins because Elves don't like sleeping with Dwarves. The Dwarf Lady took it poorly and demanded that Rhovanor be castrated. The Elf escaped the orgy and hid in a seedy tavern, where he met three adventurers who were about to leave for an expedition to a nearby mountain. (Anyone who brings the left ear of a goblin to the Silvercrest guard gets a silver coin for it and there were rumors of goblins wandering around the foot of the mountain.) Desperate to leave along with an armed group, Rhovanor joins them.

  The three human adventurers were Paldred (who smelled of cheese according the the NPC generator I used), Dar and Galdar, who had no tongue. (I decided that in Silvercrest, spies and bards who insulted a noble got their tongue cut out.)

  The four adventurers entered a cave at the foot of the mountain when suddenly rocks collapsed at the entrance, trapping them there with just a bit of sunlight coming through. After a few days, once their provisions had run out, Paldred started killing his companions while they slept. Galdar woke up and managed to wound Paldred before dying and then Rhovanor snapped out of his meditation and finished him off with his stiletto. Since he had no food source and they were dead anyway, Rhovanor found himself with no other choice but to eat his dead companions.

  Gameplay actually starts:
  A secret door suddenly opens at the end of the cave and two goblins with torches walk into the cave, looking surprised to see Rhovanor. The Elf attacks right away and decapitates the first one with his longsword. (10 xp!) The second one begs him to stop while mourning his now-dead friend Grizzt, explaining that they are not like other goblins and are actually peaceful! Rhovanor listens and the goblin explains that if the cave entrance is sealed, it means that now the only way out of there would be through the Dark Elf territory deeper underground. The goblin finds it odd that the huge rocks would just fall like that over the entrance and believes it would take someone who knows stone really well, like a Dwarf, to do such a thing. Rhovanor realizes he's been possibly trapped by the Dwarves he was fleeing. The goblin leads Rhovanor to a tunnel that goes downwards and then through another secret door hidden in the tunnel. (Rhovanor is unable to tell if the tunnel is natural or not.)

  Rhovanor then meets with nine more non-evil goblins in their extremely filthy little cave. (The filthiness becomes important later on!) One of the goblins is old and bearded, the chief of the tribe. When the old goblin hears what happened, he gathers the small tribe and everyone heads out to confront the dungeon of the dark elves that lies below, since there is no other way out anymore and there is no food or water source in their small cave.

To Be Continued...

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