Sunday, 3 November 2013

'Add Your Own Fluff' D&D Cursed Item: The Dragon Cloak

Imagine something like this, but less cutesy and on your adult adventurer.

  O.k, so the Dragon Cloak is a very simple magic item; normally a cloak, but also sometimes a cape or even a set of wings, made from the corpse of a generally medium-sized dragon (although some editions of the game allow for magic items to change their size to fit their new wearer, so how big the deceased dragon actually was might not be relevant).
  The magnificent Dragon Cloak allows its wearer to fly around like a dragon of his size, according to the color of the dragon used to create the cloak. It must be worn with countless leather straps all over the body to carry the wearer's weight properly and with the arms inside the sleeves that go along the wings. The hands will come out from holes at the end of the sleeves so the wearer can still hold objects. The arms will simply go into the sleeves as a magical effect that takes no actions, even if the wearer was holding something that normally would not have fit through the sleeve. (Like a sword.) Since the wearer is actually flapping his arms while flying, some penalties should apply while attacking with held weapons in flight.
  But there's a catch! If there happens to be an actual living dragon in the proximity of the Dragon Cloak while it is being worn, the Cloak will take flight on its own or change direction mid-flight to head for the dragon! The wearer will have no control on the Dragon Cloak as it rises to deadly heights. Because the arms are inside the wings while flying and the body will be held by all those straps, the adventurer will not be able to free himself/herself by any conventional means. If there's more than one living dragon in one area, the Dragon Cloak will head for the most powerful one.

  Have a nice flight!

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