Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Bruno's Cruel D&D Ideas: The Deadly Outhouse

  Mimics can take any shape close to their own size and it's said that bigger Mimics exist. In other words, they don't always have to be mimicking chests.

  I came across the following at the hobby store I go to:

   That's right, that's a miniature for an outhouse. It's also way too expensive for what it is, but I digress. So what am I getting at? Okay, you've already guessed, but just to complete the post; You could totally have a Large Mimic pretending to be an outhouse! You'd catch players off-guard for sure! (Surprised, flat-footed, etc) And it wouldn't be unfair to give this version of the Mimic the Swallow Whole ability.
  Of course, you could also just have a normal-sized Mimic be the seat instead of the whole outhouse.

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