Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Mutant Class for Castles & Crusades

  This is a little conversion I made. I grabbed the Mutant (Human) Racial Class for 'Labyrinth Lord' found at the end of the book 'Mutant Future' and tweaked it to use it in my 'Castles & Crusades' campaign. (That was a mouthful!) I might use them to create evil Chaos warriors 'blessed' by evil gods, in the vein of Warhammer. Or maybe they're just poor schmuks who found themselves near a fallen meteorite and the radiation changed them. Or it could be a magical curse! Anyway, doesn't matter, here's how I converted the thing!

  • Players choose a Race as per normal C&C rules, then grab the 'Mutant' class. 
  • There's no Level Limit in C&C. Every level after the 12th requires +350 000 xp. Otherwise use the same XP progression as the one already given in 'Mutant Future'. (It pretty much amounts, give or take, to twice the amount required for C&C's Bard to level up except when it reaches levels 11 and 12! It's how I decided the amount of XP required after level 12 for the conversion.)
  • Prime is STR, according to the 'Mutant Future' book itself. (Even if Primes are different things in the two games, they still mean 'The essential stat for this class' so yeah.)
  • Attack progression as a Fighter.
  • Class HD becomes d8.
  • For all the rest, like how to use mutations and all that, use as written. (The GM might choose to replace some non-combat rolls with something more fitting to how rolls are made in C&C but the conversion for that is so easy that I'll leave it in the hands of GMs.)
  And that's it!

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