Thursday, 27 February 2014

GM Screens for Adventures

As you can see on the left, Zangief has become a vampire.

   So I have no idea if this has been done before, but White Wolf has released a GM Screen for their adventure scenario 'Blood and Smoke'. (Check it out HERE)

  Now, I haven't read the adventure so I have no idea how good it is and this probably isn't the first time they do something like this. Heck, for all I know another company did it before White Wolf did. (If anyone knows, feel free to comment as I'm genuinely curious.) Maybe it's been done for those adventures made for conventions or for things like Living Grehawk or Pathfinder Society? It seems like something they'd do in the era of PDFs. (Keep in mind that I'm just speculating at this point.) But honestly, this is the first time I find out about such a screen and I think it's genius.

  A screen made for a specific adventure where you don't always have to flip through your book for details about the adventure, that will help you run it more smoothly.

  There's many tips on the internet on how to make your own home-made GM screen. Instead of having scattered notes and constantly flipping through an adventure book to find this bit of information or that one, I think this is an elegant alternative; Make your own GM Screen for the next adventure you'll be running.

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