Saturday, 24 August 2013

Aerynn Ivillios the Druidic Avenger (And Barbarian and Scout and…)

  Before I start sharing the adventures of my D&D character Kelleck Mage-Hunter, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the other player character in that game, Aerynn Ivillios! Aerynn is a half-elf… Well, he’s lots of things but story-wise I just say he’s a Druid/Barbarian. Stats-wise though… Oh boy! He’s even more complex than Kelleck is, with variants and multi-classing and whatnot! (And obviously, our DM doesn’t use the multi-classing XP penalties!)
  Unlike with Kelleck, I’m not going to mention all the sources but the main one is the 3.5 version of ‘Unearthed Arcana’. There’s also some stuff from ‘Dragon Magazine’ in there and the ‘Holt Warden’ Prestige Class comes from ‘Complete Champion’.
   Our two characters are currently at level 9 and I forgot what his latest level was in, but at level 8 Aerynn was a:
Druidic Avenger 1/Fighter1/Half-Elf Paragon 3/Lion-Totem Barbarian 3
 Whew, that was a mouthful! The ‘Druidic Avenger’ and ‘Lion-Totem Barbarian’ are variants found in ‘Unearthed Arcana’. On top of that, he chose a nameless variant of the Druid from the same source which removes theWild Shape class feature for other benefits in return. So his Druid class alone actually contains two variants!
  He took two Flaws at character creation, which granted him an extra Feat each. The Flaws are: ‘Gullible’ and ‘Love of Nature’.
  His current Feats gained from level or class are (in the order he obtained them):
Level 1: Combat Reflexes, Furious Charge, Power Attack
Level 2: Intuitive Attack
Level 3: Powerful Charge, Quick Draw
Level 6: Greater Powerful Charge
Level 9: Hurling Charge
  If Aerynn survives to see Level 20 (where the game will finish according to our DM) he’ll be a:
Druidic Avenger 9/Fighter 1/Half-Elf Paragon 3/Lion-Totem Barbarian 3/Scout 1/Holt Warden 3

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