Thursday, 4 April 2013

Doctor Who Roleplaying Game and interesting miniatures…

  For those who didn’t know, there is a Doctor Who roleplaying game!
  I’m certainly thinking of getting it eventually, if only to see the stats for creatures like the Daleks and the Cybermen!
  But anyway, I’ve known about this game ever since it had David Tennant’s face on the cover, it’s not something new and I’ve been meaning to get it for a long time now. The reason why I’m writing this is… I’ve come across an interesting miniatures web site, to say the least!
  Want to have a look at some of the miniatures they have? Okay then!
Here’s, um, ‘Tweedy & WPC May’. *Cough* The Doctor and Amy! *Cough!*
And here, we have ‘Action Melody Lake & William Killan’. *Cough* River Song and Rory Williams! *Cough*
O.k, for the rest I’ll stop pretending…
Weeping Angels!
Captain Jack Harkness!
Amy Pond and Rose Tyler!
And then we have the company Black Tree Design with a whole line of Doctor Who miniatures which includes older versions of the Doctor… And yes, Daleks (this being one of many)!
  Now, since we’re on the subject of sci-fi and miniatures, let’s take a look at Dwarven Forge! They not only have awesome stuff for medieval fantasy gaming, but they also have sci-fi sets.
  Just look at the photos of those sets! LOOK AT THEM!
  Now look at their Gamma Expansion Set… See those panels on the third row in the image? They’re all a quarter of a circle, so you can put them in corners, or put two together to place against a flat wall… Or… you can put all of them together… AND IT WILL TOTALLY LOOK LIKE A TARDIS CONSOLE!!!
  What’s more, I could also use those sets for that Machinations of the Space Princess rpg that I’m getting more and more excited about, so it would have lots of replay value beyond doing games in the Whoniverse. And those sets, as seen in the photos section, work incredibly well for Star Wars games!
  O.k, I’m done. Just had to get all of this out of my system!