Sunday, 1 March 2015

XP For Magic Items: The XP You Can't Split!

  So almost as soon as I decide to reward XP for Magic Items, some questions arise. How long should an adventurer keep a magic item before they get the XP? The Castles & Crusades books leave that vague. It's clear to me they need to have used it at least once. I'm inclined to say one week, but as pointed out in the Playing D&D With Porn Stars blog, Bilbo would have gotten his XP for the One Ring right away. (Speculation, sure, but I agree with that assessment.) So I don't know. Not that I need to make my campaign fit with Bilbo or anything but it's still an influence to take into consideration.
  But that's not the biggest question. The previous is, at the end of the day, a matter of my own personal preference. There is one more matter that is not as easily dealt with. Monsters, normal treasure? All sources of XP that can be shared. Magic items that have to be KEPT to get the XP?
  Then again, that's probably for the players to worry about. I'll just roll magic treasure randomly and let THEM deal with it! >:)

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