Saturday, 21 March 2015

Mentally Preparing To Paint Miniatures

  From the very first time I learned about Dwarven Forge, I knew that I would want to get that stuff someday. My current apartment is too small for me to start using miniature sets for my games, but in a few months I'll be moving to a bigger place and I can ponder this again. That also means perhaps facing the notion of -GASP!- painting stuff myself! In fact, all the way back in Bruno's RPG Talk episode 3 I showed some miniatures I had bought at the time.
  A fellow blogger made a painting tutorial video a while back but sadly hasn't done more since then. Not that I should worry about finding more tutorials for that on YouTube...

  Anyway, let's end this post on a high note, here's a video of Peter Cushing himself painting miniatures and showing off his army for Little Wars!

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