Saturday, 28 February 2015

Level 2!!!

  So earlier tonight someone recommended via the comments in the previous post that I award XP for magic items.

  I'd always shied away from doing that for the simple reason that I figured a magic item was reward enough in itself.
  But the truth is, character advancement in my game was being way too slow, an extra way of adding XP couldn't hurt. It also gives players a RP incentive to treat all magical items as something special to be treasured and not just better than average equipment. (As long as I've got a reason! Just like treasure, which is also a reward in itself but it makes for a more interesting game since players have to figure out how they will carry it with them and must avoid losing it.)
  Anyway, as I added up the XP the players would retroactively get, I realized that Rhovanor the Elf finally got to Level 2!!!
  Torad the Barbarian didn't get XP for his magic dead rat yet because he still has to have it identified and then carry and use it for a while.

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