Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Miniatures for Planet Motherfucker Part 2

I’m in a very Planet Motherfucker-y mood lately. These are miniatures I’ve seen online recently that make me think “These would be perfect to use for that game!”





The following links are from a web site that sells miniatures for awesome vampire AND werewolf biker gangs along with 'regular' biker gangs, chainsaw-wielders, warrior priests & nuns, circus freaks & clowns, Elvis Werewolf, man/pig hybrids, nosferatu vampires, voodoo priests, yetis, Frankenstein monsters, evil henchmen and hillbillies. They won't let you save pictures from their web site though, I guess they don't want to make it easy for people to spread the word about their stuff or something, and I won't be bothered to take screenshots that I'd have to then edit/crop: 









So anyway, next we have...





Miniatures for Planet Motherfucker 1st Part

I'm in a very Planet Motherfucker-y mood lately. These are miniatures I've seen online recently that make me think "These would be perfect to use for that game!"






Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Low Life on Planet Motherfucker!!!

  First of all, confession time. At first I wasn't that crazy about the Savage Worlds system. It was only after a few re-reads that I realized it was much more solid than I had initially given it credit for. My first thoughts on it were that it could be 'too random' in its rolls. That was before I realized the Wild Die and Bennies were what made it all work.
  So what made me take another look at a system I had initially (and wrongly) dismissed? I'd like to say it's because I am able to keep an open mind and all the positive feedback made me take another look at it unbiased with a more patient eye for the details that made it gel. I'd be lying.
  Low Life and Planet Motherfucker can be thanked for that. (Sure, Planet Motherfucker is a system neutral setting, but what little crunch it comes with fits with the Savage worlds system.)
  So now that my dirty secret is out, let's move on to the point of this post.

  I've recently purchased Planet Motherfucker and really enjoyed it, but truth be told it's a really short book with very little crunch. It's not a huge sin, given that Savage Worlds is a very easy system to use and the author wanted the setting to be as system neutral as possible, but it does make one look around for material to be used for it. Other than the main Savage Worlds book, my library only has two other products that uses that system: Low Life: Rise of the Lowly and its sourcebook The Whole Hole. It just so happens that the Low Life books are not only awesome by themselves as I already knew, but they are also awesome as material for other games that share the same system.
  While the idea of an adventure that crosses over both settings via a dimensional rift makes me giggle with glee (in a manly way), I'll simply tell you what I think you can grab from Low Life for your Planet motherfucker game. Or in other words 'Why you should get Low Life if you're running a Planet Motherfucker game.'

The Races

  The descendants of humanity in Low Life, they can easily be used as 'radioactive mutants' in Planet Motherfucker.

  Humanoid cockroaches. 'Nuff said.

  Aliens. Customizable aliens that is, with many different racial edges and hindrances to choose from. How awesome is that?

  Should your game have magically (or radioactively) animated waste as a player character choice? Of course it should!


  Yes, that's a horned panda slug pimp. No that's not what they all look like...

  Tizn'ts are all different you see. Grab three different animals, give them a vaguely humanoid shape and you have a Tizn't. They are also highly customizable stats-wise and by the time you finish reading this sentence you'll already have an idea for at least one Tizn't concept. Admit it.

  Humanoid flies. Without wings. 'Nuff said. (These guys appear in The Whole Hole.)

  To make it clear, Low Life has more races than just those, but I wanted to showcase the ones that are the more obvious fits for Planet Motherfucker.

  Drugs! (The use of which I don't recommend in real life but find highly amusing in RPGs.)

  The Whole Hole contains a section on mushrooms and their effects, some of them which can give your character an epiphany!

Weird Weapons!

  Low Life has rules and guidelines on creating your own weird weaponry, which I think goes really well with Planet Motherfucker.

Weird Monsters!

  I'm sure your players think they've seen it all, even in a setting like Planet Motherfucker. I mean, they probably saw enough B-movies to be really hard to surprise. Well, I'd like to see their faces when you tell them a giant freaking foot is trying to stomp them to death!

  I think I've made my point. There's no way anything can top the giant foot that tries to stomp you to death so I'm stopping here.

Video Response to Bruno’s RPG Talk Episode 4

Billionsix did a video response to one of my Bruno’s RPG Talk episodes. WATCH HERE

Thursday, 5 September 2013

'Star Wars' House Rules for 'Machinations of the Space Princess'

  Here are my house rules to play Star Wars with Machinations of the Space Princess. It'll be followed in the days to come with stats for known Star Wars characters.

New Lingo

'Psi' becomes 'Force', 'Psion' becomes 'Force User', 'Killer' becomes 'Soldier'. When it comes to Force Skills and Force Talents, 'Force User' also includes the Jedi and Sith. Force Users do not have Witch Marks.

New Weapon: Lightsaber

Large Two-Handed Close Combat - Concealable, Armor Defeating (x8), Thrown, Vicious. Cost: 2525
Special: The lightsaber is a dangerous weapon for those who are untrained to use it properly. Anyone who attacks with it and misses their intended target must make a Reflexes save. Failing in that save means you hit yourself with the lightsaber. (Or the Games Master could determine you hit someone else nearby.) The only way to avoid having to roll this save for every missed attack is to take the Weapon Expert skill specifically for the Lightsaber. Despite that the Lightsaber is a Large Two-Handed Close Combat weapon for the purposes of statistics and price, it is not considered one for the purposes of the Weapon Expert skill.

New Force Skill: Lightsaber Combat
Any attack made with a blaster or similar weapon that misses a Force User thanks to the use of the Force Talent 'Telekinetic shield' can be redirected to a target of the Force User's choice as long as the Force User is holding an activated lightsaber. To deflect the bolt to its target, the Force User must make a Ranged Attack using any modifiers related to his Lightsaber use, such as the 'Weapon Expert' skill, but not using any specifically melee-related modifiers, such as the 'Killer Instinct' Trait. This will not cost any actions to the Force User. How many times this can be done in a single round is equivalent to the number the force User has in this skill.

New Class: Jedi (or Sith)

XP Progression: Add the amounts of XP for the Soldier and Force User together. For example, a Jedi attains Level 2 at 3750 XP.
Attack Progression: As the Soldier.
HD: As the Force User.
 Skills: All except Scholastic.
Skill Points: As the Force User.
Saves: At Level 1, the Jedi can put a +2 to any Save of his choice.
Psi Points: As the Force User.
Power Points: As the Force User.


Monday, 2 September 2013

Sample Sith Warrior for Machinations of the Space Princess

I'm making this guy using the by-the-book rules for Machinations of the Space Princess, but I'll be posting my 'Star Wars with Machinations of the Space Princess' house rules in the following days, along with stats for some of the Star Wars characters.
So without further ado here's a...

Sith Warrior
Class: Psion
Level: 10
HD: 9d6 + 35
Initiative Bonus: +1
Psi Points: 12
Power Points: 56
Witch Mark: What is That Thing?

Cha: 12 (+1)
Com: 6 (-2)
Con: 16 (+3)
Dex: 13 (+1)
Int: 14 (+2)
Str: 19 (+4)
Wis: 10 ( - )

Saves: Charm 6, Looks 3, Toughness 10, Reflexes 7, Logic 7, Power 13 (10 + 3 from Sith Armor), Will 7 (5 + 2 from Class)

Race Traits: Warrior (+1 on Close/Ranged Attacks), Weapon (+2 with Two-Handed Melee), Killer Instinct (+1 Close Attacks)

Social Reaction: -1

Basic Attack: +1
Ranged Attack: +3
Close Attack: +7

Lightsaber Melee Attack: +9 (1d20 + 7 Energy Damage)
Lightsaber Thrown Attack: +5 (1d20 Energy Damage)

 Ranged Defence: 13
Close Defence: 15

Shield: -
Armor:  1d8+3

Skills: Make (Lightsaber) 3
Psi Skills: Intuition 4, Ravaging Intellect 6

Psi Powers: Level 1: Mind Bolt, Telekinetic Shield, Detect Psi, Slow Fall, Mind Message. Level 2: Levitate, ESP, Augury, Enthrall, Mindwipe, Temperature Control. Level 3: Speed, Telekinetic Bonds,Missile shield, Antipsi. Level 4: Truthsense, Ironmind. Level 5: Intellect Blaster, True Telekinesis. Level 9: Kill

Cybernetics & Enhancements: Digestive System (+2 hp, +1 Toughness), Lungs (+2 hp, +1 Toughness), Muscle Replacement (+2 hp, +1 Strength)

Gear: Sith Armor (Very Heavy Armor - Energy Damage Type, Fashion Statement: Designer Fashion, Life Support, Power Assist (x1), Power Enhancement (x3): +3 Power, +3 Melee Damage, Reinforced (x3). Cost: 13 250), Lightsaber (Large Two-Handed Close Combat - Concealable, Armor Defeating (x8), Thrown, Vicious. Cost: 2525)


Sunday, 1 September 2013

Bruno's Cruel Dungeon: Make Your Players Cry

I feel like such a douche for even thinking of this dungeon. Not that it'll stop me from sharing the idea...
So follow these steps to make your version of Bruno's Cruel Dungeon™.


Grab a Dungeon Map of your Liking

If you don't have any and don't know where to find one, grab one of these.

This Dungeon is Filthy

Make it explicitly clear that the dungeon is really filthy and unsanitary. Any adventurer getting wounded in there might catch a disease (Filth fever is a good old classic. Don't tell them that they might catch a disease in there though, they should be able to realize that all by themselves by your gross description of it. If not... Too bad.). Look some up in your rules set of choice, you could even choose different ones per room.
That said, I highly recommend the Dungeon Funk Table for this.

Add some Traps Here and There

A must for any cruel dungeon. I trust your rules set of choice, adventures, supplements and favorite rpg blogs have those covered. Make sure to add some magical traps though, just so your Rogue/Thief/Specialist doesn't get too cocky.

Put Cave Crickets in EVERY Room!!!
You read right. Put these insects all over the place, don't hold back one bit. They won't attack unless the PCs attack them first anyway. Why put them there in the first place then? Because their chirping makes it hard for spellcasters to concentrate and cast their spells! The party will have to decide to either avoid fighting them but put up with the chirping or trying to kill them but then having more fights on their hands. On the plus side though, I guess these things would cover the sound of the adventurers fighting their way through the place, so that's something at least. Although their chirping increases the odds of random encounters... Of course that depends on if you have random encounters inside your dungeons too.
Here are the Cricket's stats for Old-School and Pathfinder.

If you use 4th Edition... Here's a cookie.
Roll. If you fail, you find out too late that it's an oatmeal raisin cookie and not a chocolate chips cookie.

P.S: I have nothing against people who like 4th edition. I genuinely did try to find the Cave Cricket's stats for 4e for about 5 minutes before giving up on that. So yeah, 4th Editioners, you're on your own. Then again, you know that feeling already... O.k, o.k, I'll stop!!!

Put Lots of Rust Monsters
So we've already messed with the spellcasters, time to mess with the warriors. Don't put them all in a single encounter, spread them over the dungeon.
Old-School and Pathfinder stats.

Put disenchanters
We've messed with their spells, we've messed with their armor and weapons, now let's mess with their magic items. Don't put as many of these as the Rust Monsters, but don't include just one either. You could have them all together in a single encounter or spread them out again, or you could mix-and-match them with Rust Monsters in a place or two. And don't forget the Cave Crickets will be happily chirping along the whole time.
Old-School and Pathfinder stats.

Put a Xorn
And now it's time to mess with their gems and any precious metals that they might have left after dealing with the Rust Monsters. Just one will do, these guys are pretty tough. It doesn't have to be a fight though: "An offering of a particularly delicious (and expensive) jewel or piece of precious metal can swiftly secure a xorn's temporary allegiance."
Old-School and Pathfinder stats.

Where You'd Normally Put Treasure, Put a Mimic Instead
No exceptions. Come on, don't grow a conscience on me now! What's funny is that some parties will just keep trying in the hope that ONE of the chests might end up being actual treasure! To be -somewhat- fair, never put a Mimic in a spot that the party can't avoid; Always make it their decision to approach a 'treasure chest' or not.
Old-School and Pathfinder stats.

If They Stop to Rest...
Have these little spellbook-eating beauties arrive if the party has at least one spellbook with them and decides to stop and rest in the middle of the dungeon. It's not even cheating to decide they will show up wherever the party stops, the Bookworms are attracted to spellbooks!
Old-School and Pathfinder stats.

And we did mention the dungeon is filthy, didn't we? Rot Grubs? Rot Grubs!!!
Again, have these show up only if the party is foolish enough to try and get some rest over the filth and mold of the dungeon.
Old-School and Pathfinder stats. (If you're using Old-School rules, have many rot grubs appear, not just one.)

And for the record, I think it's perfectly acceptable to have the Bookworms and Rot Grubs show up at the same time.

Use a Good Old Eye Tyrant for The End
Might as well end the whole thing with an iconic bad guy who can kill heroes with a glance. But don't just have an Eye Tyrant there...

Add two Gas Spores so the players will think they're dealing with three Eye Tyrants. Hilarity ensues.

Old-School* and Pathfinder** stats for an Eye Tyrant.

Old-School and Pathfinder stats for a Gas Spore.

*For Old-Schoolers, go to the link and download the Advanced Edition Companion, the no-art version is free. You'll find the Eye of Terror in the monsters section of the book.

** This is actually under pre-Pathfinder 3.5 stats so you might want to give it the Advanced Creature template or if you feel lazy just consider its Challenge Rating to be -1 to what is given. 

Oh and I guess you can include actual treasure for that final encounter. If you feel generous.

If you use this, please leave me a comment to tell me how it went!!! :D