Sunday, 8 March 2015

Mutant Modern!

'Angel and the Ape' from DC Comics

  Quick idea for an OSR campaign. Grab Mutant Future and instead of playing it in Post-Ap, set it in modern times! Something caused people, animals and plants to turn into mutants five years ago!
  During that time plenty of people have died from the chaos and unhealthy mutations. There are humans who survived it all unchanged thanks to a combination of good genetics and vaccines. (The game's Pure Humans.)
  The resulting setting is kind of like Sin City with mutants.

Such a stretch, I know!

  If you want to add cyborgs and more sci-fi tech stuff you could say that during those five years a lot of progress was made both in a desperate attempt to save civilization and also thanks to those who got mutations that made them geniuses, but the point of this idea is to keep the tech level in par with that of our own modern day Earth.

 Pic from Mutant Girls Squad. Haven't seen the movie, just found this on Google.

  When it comes to pricing things and compatibility with the rest of the OSR, tech beyond medieval doesn't have prices in Mutant Future as it's loot to be found. Not to worry, Machinations of the Space Princess claims that 1 GP = 20 USD and if you need something strictly GP-based, like if the economy changed drastically and society went back to gold as the default currency, Castles & Crusades: Castle Keeper's Guide has prices for modern day tech in GP.

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