Thursday, 26 February 2015

John Woo Style!!!

 Let's start by looking at the following pictures.

  Ooooh yeah. Firing two handguns at once, running around despite having a few bullets in your body, ignoring that huge explosion behind you as bad guys fall down like flies and Salma Hayek is waiting for you...
  Anyway, as I was watching John Wick the other day, I realized it would be lots of fun to do a John Woo style game. All about looking cool, acting cool and taking down armies of bad guys, logic be damned!
  I got this here game at home:

  Sure it's made for the Buffyverse spin-off 'Angel', but it has all the rules for action movie tropes! You have 'Drama Points' which allow you to do all sorts of action hero stuff! I don't just mean bonuses to rolls or things like that, you can actually influence the story with Drama Points. Actually, any of Eden Studios' Cinematic Universe books will serve you (They also made rulebooks for Buffy and Army of Darkness!), but 'Angel' is the one with rules for vehicular combat and chases, and you'll need those rules for when you're shooting at the bad guy's car while riding a motorcycle!

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