Monday, 23 February 2015

Your Horrible Abomination is Weaker than a Human

Look at that wuss.

  A few years ago I prepared this villain for an adventure in the desert. It was a huge centaur-like scorpion creature, kind of like the Scorpion King. I also decided to make it Undead, just to make it even more horrible.

But not as horrible as crappy CGI, of course.
  All that meant was that I had made it easier for the Paladin PC to kill the Big Bad in record time. It was depressing. If the creature hadn't been undead it would have lasted longer because it wouldn't have received extra damage from Positive Energy. And yes, as an undead it had plenty of scary powers, it just never had time to properly use them before he was downed.
  Heck, I've seen adventures that suggest modifying the amount of undead if no Cleric is in the party. Like to make them scary again there need to be tons of them when a Cleric is around.
  I love using undead monsters and I'm certainly not going to nerf any class, but there ARE times when a human Fighter of the same level as an undead monster's HD will be the bigger threat!

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