Monday, 23 February 2015

Unfinished Business

  Looking back on previous posts it dawns upon me that there are some things that were started but then left unfinished in this blog. Instead of sweeping them under the rug, I'm going to address them directly.

  • Bruno's RPG Talk: While I haven't done an episode in a while, I do intend to continue it at some point.
  • Chronicles of Adamus: As previous.
  • Writing up Stats for Star Wars Characters Using Machinations of the Space Princess: I might do that at some point but probably not. The truth is, I'm working on a few actual RPG products of my own, so taking the time to stat stuff is probably better spent by doing it on some things I should have finished by now.
  • OSR Online Campaign: I tried to get it started a while back with the idea that I'd upload it on YouTube but it didn't work out. I might try again in the future but lately I have an ongoing campaign with some friends, work and as I said I'm working on a few projects for actual publication along with some things I'll eventually do by myself and put up on or something.
  • The Tale of Rhovanor: That solo game was paused for many months due to work and now the player and that character are in my ongoing campaign with other players. You'll still hear from that character here and there but I'm no longer interested in writing up what happened after every single game session because, again, I've got other stuff to write and it felt like extra prep work, only done after the game! :p (Besides, Henchman Abuse is a great blog if you need that kind of fix.)
  • Pathfinding Low Life: I love, LOVE the Low Life setting, but see 'Writing up Stats for Star Wars Characters Using Machinations of the Space Princess'.
  • Chronicles of Death & Dungeoneering: Continued HERE.

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