Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Weird Tavern Ideas for your Fantasy Game

Roll a d6 if you want to pick one at random.

1- A skinny man is sitting at a table playing with a doll in a little pink dress. If anyone mocks him, his doll will come to life, grabbing a knife on the table and attacking the offender.
2- An angel is standing naked on a table, getting drunk and screaming about how his god gave up on him so he might as well have some fun now.
3- The tavern seems to be empty but if the PCs go inside, all of the chairs and tables come to life and attack them.
4- The tavern seems perfectly normal at first. After a while once the PCs are sitting down, drinking and/or eating, a clanging bell sound is heard and the bartender suddenly yells "It's time!!!". At that moment, everyone else in the tavern except for the PCs stands up and goes to specific spots of the tavern from where they reveal hidden levers that they pull at. The tavern shakes for a moment and then starts flying upwards towards the sky.
5- There's not a person in the tavern but it's filled with chickens.
6- The PCs step into a wild west saloon. Once they step back outside, they find themselves in the Wild West.

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