Sunday, 12 January 2014

A Story-Driven Weakness for the Allip

  "An allip is the spectral remains of someone driven to suicide by a madness that afflicted it in life. Tragically, they are forever denied the eternal rest of the afterlife." (SOURCE)

   This is just a really quick idea I had. What if the object an Allip used to end its life can be used against it? For example, if the Allip used to be a man who slit his wrists with a knife, that knife will work as a ghost touch/magic weapon against him. If he hung himself with a rope, it's possible to tie up the Allip as if it was a corporeal being with that rope.
  I think it would work well in a game where players don't shy away from research and investigation before confronting monsters and in games where the GM might not want to give players magic weapons right away but wants to use an incorporeal undead nevertheless.

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