Saturday, 6 April 2013

Of Dragon Riders...

  I never got the concept of dragon riders in Fantasy as they're often represented, where the dragons are just as intelligent as the other races, if not more. I mean, the thing can fly AND breathe fire, what’s the person riding on top of it with a sword or lance supposed to add to the mix, other than bossing it around? It’s like the dragon doesn’t want to hurt the ‘rider’s’ feelings. “Yeah, sure, you can totally help out by sitting on my back and yell during the aerial fight…”
  And then the human/elf/dward/whatever is like “Turn right!! Shoot fire there!!!” and the dragon is just sighing through the whole ordeal. “Yeah, sure, I hadn't thought of breathing fire on the enemy, thanks for that…”
  I mean, if anything, the rider would be the dragon's back-up, striking with a lance when another dragon gets too close or shooting arrows from its back, kind of like those old planes that had a second seat with a machine gun in the back and the second person's job was just to shoot everything in sight.

  But the pilot was the one in charge of where they went. So that's how I'd see it for the classic 'genius-level' dragon and the rider; The dragon's the one in charge and the rider's the back-up, not the other way around. Someone riding a dragon wouldn't be all "Look at this dragon serving me." but rather "I am so honored this dragon is letting me fight alongside him."

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