Saturday, 13 April 2013

Elves from the Moon and Homophobe Fathers

  Previous Monday, I started a new D&D campaign with some friends. I decided to use the rules from 'Lamentations of the Flame Princess: Weird Role-Playing' because I wanted something rules-light and I wanted the magic system to be a bit darker than the norm for D&D.

  Here's what one needs to know about the setting so far; It is a human-centric world and most humans have never seen other races. Dwarves remain hidden in their mountains and underground kingdoms and Halflings have small scattered communities in the forests. Basically, Halflings are the ones who come across humans more often. When it comes to Elves... They come from one of the three moons.

Elves are eternal beings who watch over ancient monstrosities, basically mystical jailers. Elves found on the Human world are exiles who can't go back to their home, sent there by magic by Elf Lords and Ladies after being found guilty of a crime. They generally have extremely pale skin and their hair is either black or white. Some also have black nails. Basically, I wanted to make Elves creepier and more alien for the setting... So I made them actual aliens!
  Elves have to be extremely careful on the Human world. Because they are magical beings (all Elves can do magic, no exceptions), they are great as sacrifices or subjects of magical research. That means that unscrupulous Magic-Users and cultists might want to capture them at any given moment if they know about them.

  O.k, so enough about Elves in my setting. Who are the player characters? Well, I have four players in my group, three girls and one other guy. Here are their characters, I'll also give the players' first names so it'll be simpler to share anecdotes in the future (If you're one of my players, don't worry, I won't give away personal information! :p ):

Illavir: (Played by Chloe) A female Elf exiled to the Human world because she fell in love with the monstrous and extremely powerful Snake-Woman she was supposed to watch over to ensure her captivity. She is looking for a way to go back to her moon to see her beloved again. She wears a hood over her ears when in public and calls herself Kathleen among Humans.

Bruce Dragon's Bane: (Played by Cindy) A Fighter and adventurer who follows Illavir around for strength in numbers. We didn't really have time to work out Bruce's background yet to be honest, Cindy had to create him the same night we started playing while the other players had all done theirs two weeks before. It is somewhat fun to see a girl portray a manly fighting guy though. Oh and by the way, Bruce has never even seen a dragon before, it's just a name he's given himself.

Rulius and Kelley: (Played by Stephane and Valerie, respectively) A father (Rulius) and son (Kelley) who escaped the clan of thieves and assassins they used to work for (Clan Slahvel) because Rulius overheard the clan was going to use his son as a sacrifice for a ritual. The clan doesn't just let members leave of course, so both are on the run. While discussing character backgrounds, Valerie mentioned that Kelley would be gay. Stephane, who is actually gay, decided that his character Rulius would be completely against it if he learned. So my game will have a gay guy playing a homophobe dad. I'm morbidly eager to see it play out, but since for now I'm not planning to throw any romantic interests at the players, I don't think we'll be seeing that happen right away. Both characters are Specialists, the equivalent of the Rogue/Thief in other versions of the game.


  1. LotFP is pretty cool. I'd like to try it.
    Anyway, homophobes are a vital part of society. Imagine how many mountains have been climbed, how many battles have been won, how many new lands have been discovered by men who were desperate to prove that they weren't gay. :)

    1. Well, my D&D game is pretty gay. And by that I mean that I'm the only heterosexual person in the group. :P