Saturday, 7 April 2018

Superheroes vs Death Frost Doom!

  I recently ordered Amazing Adventures, its Companion, and the Book of Powers. The latter has rules for playing superheroes. Even though I like ICONS as a Superhero RPG, I also like the idea of an OSR-like system for them. (Even if I suspect ICONS will probably run more smoothly for the genre.) 

  Henchman Abuse has some funny play recaps of when he ran Death Frost Doom for his players and it was just cool to see how he converted that adventure to fit his post-ap Sci-Fantasy setting. (Links to part ONE, TWO, THREE and FOUR.)

  The idea of having a team of Supers doing basically dungeon runs appeals to me. After all, what are supervillain lairs if not traditional RPG dungeons? How would an adventure with superheroes go with something like Death Frost Doom, or Fuck for Satan, or The Tomb of Horrors even?

  I'm gonna try it at some point. And I'll be sure to post the results on this blog when I do.

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