Tuesday, 17 May 2016

World of Warcraft using ICONS Superpowered Roleplaying

  Just a quick idea here, but it occurs to me that ICONS is well-suited to replicate something like a high-powered Fantasy MMORPG at the table in a storytelling-focused way instead of mechanically. <Insert 4th Edition D&D jokes here.>

  The way I see it is that ICONS already has everything to replicate all the racial traits, abilities, skills and powers you could find in the game.

  You want to make a Draenei Warrior with the Gift of the Naaru? No problem. A Goblin Engineer with outlandish gadgets? Easy as pie. Magic objects and weapons would obviously be devices too.

  Honestly I don't even see the need to come up with house rules here. I would simply say, use the optional point-buy system in this case, refer to the Warcraft games and/or lore when creating characters, and you should be fine. (For example, yes you can make a Tauren with a Strength of 7, but not a Gnome with that same Strength, or at least not without the right device/explanation.)

P.S: Yes, I know there was an OGL game for Warcraft/World of Warcraft but it's out-of-print and many things are not up to date with the game as we know it now, even by the time Burning Crusade came out.


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