Saturday, 31 January 2015

Loot & Treasure Musings

Is that Magneto's helmet in the chest???

  O.k, so I've recently established that I have been too stingy with treasure in my ongoing campaign where 1 GP looted = 1 XP gained.
  I happen to like the guidelines from Lamentations of the Flame Princess when it comes to finding treasure. But then as I flip through the pages of my other OSR books I notice something about the monster stats: Treasure Type.
  'LotFP Grindhouse Edition' doesn't have a list of monsters, only a few examples of monsters. Thus, it doesn't bother with their treasure types and lets DMs define the amount of treasure according to the needs of their players and their campaign. It was the way I had decided on and intended to use the very useful book 'The Mother of All Treasure Tables'. (A book which, by the way, goes extremely well with LotFP since it has no magic treasure and some of it is not easy to carry, two things LotFP encourage. But I digress, especially since I'm not running a LotFP game but rather grabbing ideas and specific rules from it.) But yeah, I suppose using Treasure Types would be another way to do it...
  If I started mixing both, setting up a determined amount of treasure AND rolling the monsters' Treasure Types, then players would end up with way too much treasure.
  I think what I'll end up doing is using Treasure Types for random encounters and the LotFP method with prepared dungeons.

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