Thursday, 5 September 2013

'Star Wars' House Rules for 'Machinations of the Space Princess'

  Here are my house rules to play Star Wars with Machinations of the Space Princess. It'll be followed in the days to come with stats for known Star Wars characters.

New Lingo

'Psi' becomes 'Force', 'Psion' becomes 'Force User', 'Killer' becomes 'Soldier'. When it comes to Force Skills and Force Talents, 'Force User' also includes the Jedi and Sith. Force Users do not have Witch Marks.

New Weapon: Lightsaber

Large Two-Handed Close Combat - Concealable, Armor Defeating (x8), Thrown, Vicious. Cost: 2525
Special: The lightsaber is a dangerous weapon for those who are untrained to use it properly. Anyone who attacks with it and misses their intended target must make a Reflexes save. Failing in that save means you hit yourself with the lightsaber. (Or the Games Master could determine you hit someone else nearby.) The only way to avoid having to roll this save for every missed attack is to take the Weapon Expert skill specifically for the Lightsaber. Despite that the Lightsaber is a Large Two-Handed Close Combat weapon for the purposes of statistics and price, it is not considered one for the purposes of the Weapon Expert skill.

New Force Skill: Lightsaber Combat
Any attack made with a blaster or similar weapon that misses a Force User thanks to the use of the Force Talent 'Telekinetic shield' can be redirected to a target of the Force User's choice as long as the Force User is holding an activated lightsaber. To deflect the bolt to its target, the Force User must make a Ranged Attack using any modifiers related to his Lightsaber use, such as the 'Weapon Expert' skill, but not using any specifically melee-related modifiers, such as the 'Killer Instinct' Trait. This will not cost any actions to the Force User. How many times this can be done in a single round is equivalent to the number the force User has in this skill.

New Class: Jedi (or Sith)

XP Progression: Add the amounts of XP for the Soldier and Force User together. For example, a Jedi attains Level 2 at 3750 XP.
Attack Progression: As the Soldier.
HD: As the Force User.
 Skills: All except Scholastic.
Skill Points: As the Force User.
Saves: At Level 1, the Jedi can put a +2 to any Save of his choice.
Psi Points: As the Force User.
Power Points: As the Force User.