Saturday, 24 August 2013

My D&D Character: Kelleck Mage-Hunter

  Just a random post to talk about my current D&D character… Kelleck Mage-Hunter!
  Kelleck is a happy-go-lucky swashbuckling adventurer who works part-time as a bounty hunter, specializing in tracking down and stopping evil spellcasters.
  The game I play Kelleck in is an ongoing campaign of one DM and another player. The fact that there’s only two PCs gives it a ‘buddy movie’ dynamic which is really fun. And our DM is the best I’ve ever had. As a side-note, the DM and the other PC are good friends of mine and a couple (the girl is the DM) so at least it’s easy to set up a game when I visit them, given that they already live together. On the other hand I don't get to visit them often since they live outside the city so the game advances VERY slowly.
  Anyway, this post is mostly about the ‘crunch’ of Kelleck, his stats. I’ll possibly share more about his background and adventures later on, there’s even some funny ones. He’s a 3.5 character (D&D, not Pathfinder, just to clarify). The following stats are pre-planned from level 1 to 20, but he’s currently level 9. I hope he lives long enough to reach his full potential! I don’t need to worry about epic levels since our DM made it clear she intends to end the story at level 20. Basically the story will have a clear beginning, middle and end.
One reason I’m happy with Kelleck, other than the fact that he’s such a fun character to play in such a fun campaign, is that I worked very hard to find all the right stuff to make him work stats-wise, from variant classes, variant class features, feats and prestige classes. So here it is…
- Lvl 1: Urban Ranger 1 (‘Arcane Hunter’ Ranger variant from ‘Complete Mage’, ‘Urban Ranger’ variant from Unearthed Arcana’, ‘Solitary Hunting’ Ranger variant from Dragon Magazine #347, Feats: ‘Urban Tracking’ from Urban Ranger class, ‘Improved Initiative’, ‘Nemesis’ from ‘Book of Exalted Deeds’ and using it with Arcane Hunter)
- Lvl 2: Urban Ranger 2
- Lvl 3: Urban Ranger 3 (Feat: ‘Mage Slayer’ from ‘Complete Arcane’, Spellcraft at 3 ranks.)
- Lvl 4: Urban Ranger 4 (‘Champion of the Wild’ Ranger variant from ‘Complete Champion’, CotW Feat: ‘Weapon Finesse’)
- Lvl 5: Urban Ranger 5 (Knowledge: Arcana at 5 ranks)
- Lvl 6: Urban Ranger 6 (Feat: ‘Weapon Focus: Cutlass’)
- Lvl 7: Urban Ranger 6 / Occult Slayer 1 (‘Occult Slayer’ prestige class from ‘Complete Warrior’)
- Lvl 8: Urban Ranger 6 / Occult Slayer 2
- Lvl 9: Urban Ranger 6 / Occult Slayer 3 (Feat: Dodge)
- Lvl 10: Urban Ranger 6 / Occult Slayer 4
- Lvl 11: Urban Ranger 6 / Occult Slayer 5
- Lvl 12: Urban Ranger 7 / Occult Slayer 5 (Feat: ‘Pierce Magical Protection’ from Complete Arcane)
- Lvl 13: Urban Ranger 8 / Occult Slayer 5 (CotW Feat: Improved Favored Enemy from ‘Complete Warrior’ and linking it to the ‘Arcane Hunter’ variant)
- Lvl 14: Urban Ranger 9 / Occult Slayer 5 (‘Spell Reflection’ Ranger variant from ‘Complete Mage’)
- Lvl 15: Urban Ranger 10 / Occult Slayer 5 (Feat: ‘Favored Dodge’ from Dragon Magazine #335)
- Lvl 16: Urban Ranger 11 / Occult Slayer 5 (CotW Feat: Blind-Fight)
- Lvl 17: Urban Ranger 12 / Occult Slayer 5
- Lvl 18: Urban Ranger 13 / Occult Slayer 5 (Feat: ‘Pierce Magical Concealment’  from ‘Complete Arcane’)
- Lvl 19: Urban Ranger 14 / Occult Slayer 5 (CotW Feat: Two-Weapon Defense)
- Lvl 20: Urban Ranger 15 / Occult Slayer 5

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