Friday, 10 May 2013

An Idea to Make Xorns Scary

  I have recently bought myself a miniature for the Xorn, a D&D monster which eats precious metals or minerals.
  Basically this thing exists so a DM can mess with an adventuring party's treasure. And I like oddball monsters, I really do.

  Aside from that, I was recently reading Green Devil Face #4 and one of the articles ('Wand of the Weird') had a table for random effects a magic wand could do. One of them was the following:

"The subject’s eyes turn into gems worth
5,000gp each. The eyes function as normal
as long as they remain in the subject’s

  Now... You can also insert that effect into a magic trap, a spell, a mutation, it doesn't matter... What matters is that to someone who suddenly has gems for eyes, the Xorn has gone from being a nuisance to being a terrifying monster who wants to eat his eyes!!!

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