Sunday, 17 March 2013

Of Beholders and Daleks

  There’s something that I had to share, as a fan of Doctor Who and D&D… While it wouldn’t seem like that at first glance, Doctor Who’s Daleks and D&D’s Beholders are extremely similar!!!

  How so? Well, let’s go with a list, shall we?

1. Xenophobic, Insane and Murderous: Check. Both species are highly xenophobic and evil, to the point where they won’t even tolerate different versions of their own kind and will think of those as inferior, no matter how small the differences!

2. Death Ray as their primary attack: Check!

3. Aberrations: Check. Both are aberrations, unnatural creatures that have nothing to do with what a natural creature should look like.

  Also, I am sorry for using an image from the first D&D movie. I am so, so sorry!

4. They don’t use their limbs to move around: In fact, both creatures can fly. (Although in the Daleks’ case, it’s a more recent development in the stories. But still, they’ve been swagging for decades without the use of arms and legs!)

5. Both have a creepy central eye/main eye: While the Beholder actually has many eyes, both creatures have a thematic central eye that is more ‘focused’ when the monster is visually represented.

6. Both are the most iconic monster of their respective franchise: Well okay, dragons are probably the most popular monster in ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ to the casually interested person, they’re in the title after all… But putting them aside, the Beholder, being a monster created for D&D, is the one that most long-time players will think of as the most ‘D&D-ish’ monster. As for Daleks, do I even need to explain myself?
  They are both used for merchandise, spin-offs and conventions, with a loyal fanbase always asking for more of these awful, terrible monsters that would kill us… on sight. (Get it, get it?)

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