Wednesday, 23 April 2014

So What's Up with Me?

Originally posted on Bruno's Geek Reviews. Only the RPG videos will also be posted on this blog.

  I haven't been posting much on this blog site lately... That's because of a few reasons.
  One, I admit, is procrastination. Not in the sense of the blog itself, but I've been working on a role-playing book for years now and it should have been done by now. So when I feel like writing, I sit myself down to work on that book instead.
  Another is my new work schedule. I finish late and start my day somewhat late too, it gets me a bit out of synch sometimes.
  I'm also working slowly but surely on a horror web series. I'm writing it, directing it and also starring in it. The logic behind my casting myself as the main character is basically knowing that I won't bail out on myself in the middle of the project. :p
  Finally, I've also recently started to work out again, trying to get back in shape. So I'm returning to the gym and have just started going to a Krav Maga school. I really need to work on my cardio for one thing, sparring burns me out quickly! That's what I get for spending so much time in front of my computer eating snacks and not moving that much.
  Anyway, I intend to post some videos soon. Here's the list of what is coming:
- Fantasia Film Festival 2013: I'd actually posted a video months ago, but then decided to redo it with one short video per movie instead. I never got around to it. Since the new Fantasia is a few months away at this point, I'll just redo another long video where I go through all the Fantasia movies I saw in 2013. For the 2014 edition, expect a short video per movie seen.
- Bruno's RPG Talk: I have two episodes planned. One is 'Post-Apocalypse Now' where I will discuss some post-ap RPGs. The other is 'The Tale of Rhovanor', where I'll tell the story of the ongoing D&D game I have with a friend. I had started it as written posts and promised to continue them as such, but I think it'll be easier and less time consuming for me to just tell the story verbally.
- Chronicles of Adamus: RPG-related again... The idea I had about doing a solo D&D game using Ruins of the Undercity.

That's all for now folks, see ya soon!