Saturday, 14 February 2015

The Wanderers Guild is Back!

  "Hi Friends!
Very exciting news. Remember the Wanderers Guild from back in the day? It's a series of award-nominated books I did with Goodman Games in the early 2000s. Mutha Oith Creations is in the process of reissuing the old books and publishing a bunch of brand new ones. I'm currently working on the new interactive website (where YOU will be able to join the Wanderers Guild and submit your own art and writing). It's embryonic at the moment, but I'd appreciate your support and feedback along the way. Thanks!" -Andy Hopp

  "Who are the Wanderers Guild? We are a collective of bards, storytellers, artisans, and academics who bravely wander into the depths of the imagination, the heights of fantasy, and the furthest corners of unknown time and space, bringing back all there is to tell, see, taste, and experience." -Kathleen Hardy

  I don't know about you guys, but that sounds really cool to me! I have two books of the Wanderers Guild from back in the days of d20; Monsters of the Boundless Blue and Monsters of the Endless Dark, beautifully illustrated by Andy Hopp. Missing from my collection are Monsters of the Savage Snow and Primeval Groves.
  The books have been out of print for years but there's talk of releasing them again for Savage Worlds and Pathfinder. (I'd argue that OSR versions would also be fun for all the retro-cloners out there! ;p ) No matter what system you use though, as far as monster books go they were lots of fun and I hope to see them come back in some way or another so I can complete my collection.

  The web site can be found HERE and I know that I'll be using the Chance Pygmalion in my campaign, just wondering in which Hex I'll place it. The Moocisteronk was fun to read, its Chaos Bite ability could easily cause a Total Party Kill! Dropping one of those in the map could mean all the difference between the characters having plenty of rations for a trip and desperately foraging for food!
  They also have a Facebook group.