Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Unfortunate Role-Play Misunderstandings!

  It’s amazing how often things related to role-playing games get confused by people who don’t know what role-players are talking about. And by confused, I mean that they jump to naughty conclusions! Here are two actual anecdotes that happened to me. I’ll open each with the quote and follow it with an explanation.

Anecdote 1

Ex-Girlfriend: “You should dominate me tonight!”
  This was said as we walked out of a coffee place and a man who was passing by turned his head to look at us with complete shock and surprise when he heard her say that so casually. It was so sudden, it looked like he was going to break his own neck!
  We were actually talking about the background stories for our new characters in a ‘Vampire: The Masquerade’ LARP (Live-Action Role-Play) where ‘Dominate’ is a mental Discipline (power) that vampires have.
  The man thought we were gonna get kinky. Which is probably more socially accepted than playing in a LARP, but I digress. :p

Anecdote 2

Me: “There’s this couple I play dungeons with.”
  At the comic-book store I shop in, talking with the two guys who work there and the girl I was going out with at the time (just as we were starting to do so)!
  By ‘dungeons’ I meant ‘Dungeons & Dragons’. While I was speaking in English, French-Canadians who play D&D often have a habit of just calling it ‘Donjons’ (‘Dungeons’ in French) between people who know the game. English-speakers tend to say the title of the game in its entirety. Because I often import speaking habits and expressions from one language to another (one of my quirks), this led to some awkwardness when I said it like that…