Tuesday, 5 March 2013


  Read this first if you're wondering what 'cross-playing' is.Or I can simply tell you that it's portraying a character in any sort of game who happens to be of the opposite sex of the player's.

  Anyway, my new roommate and I have discussed the possibility of starting a D&D game sometime soon, a one-DM/one-PC campaign. When I asked her what kind of character she wanted to play, she went for the Rogue/Thief class again, she always does. When pressed for details, she added "Well, I've always played women so far, so this time I-"
  That's when I cut her off and went on about how playing one's opposite sex never works out because the people playing keep forgetting the character's actual sex (according to me at that moment). I even mentioned an ex of mine who was really small and had the softest voice who had tried to play a male Dwarf and it just hadn't worked. I also noticed my rant seemed to have somewhat discouraged her. After some thought, I mentioned it and admitted I had just ranted (as I'm prone to do at times) and it was fine if she wanted to play a dude. After all, if I have no trouble with seeing an overweight player portraying a lean, agile elf, why should it be a problem for a girl to play a male adventurer? Would I have gone on a rant with that overweight player about how his actual physique would make me forget he's supposed to be playing a skinny elf? No. Because when I thought about it, I realized my reasons for being against it were nonsense.
  I was letting what I prefer doing as a player (always playing characters of my own sex) affect my opinion of what other players should or shouldn't be doing with their own personal characters. Which is the last thing any DM should do, really.