Saturday, 31 March 2018

Chronicles of Adamus Episode 0: How This All Works

  This is the first post you really need to read on how the Chronicles of Adamus will work and what it is in the first place.

  Adamus will be a Castles & Crusades character I'll be playing via text-chat with different Guest DMs over time. Part of the fun will be in seeing how the story goes from one different DM to the next. (Although previous Guest DMs can return.)

  The free quickstart rules for the Castles & Crusades system are HERE.

  Any Guest DM can easily use whatever OSR rulebook they normally would after familiarizing themselves with the quickstart rules, you don't require the full Castles & Crusades rulebook as most OSR systems' rules are easily cross-compatible. That does mean that while the 'main' Castles & Crusades system will be used during gameplay, readers should expect to see other similar system's rules show up when it's time to do things not covered in the Quickstart rules. Despite the fact that I myself houserule C&C and share those house rules in this blog, for the sake of simplicity the main rules will be as described in the Quickstart PDF.

  Guest DMs can handle monsters, NPCs and their classes however they see fit. Guest DMs can grant XP according to whatever style they like. (They're free to let me know before starting how XP works with them but I won't be worrying too much about that.) 

  The standard for currency will be the Gold Piece. 

  Basically as a rule of thumb, anything related to how Adamus 'plays' in the Quickstart PDF has to be used as described, anything else is as the Guest DM wants to run it. 

  The Chat Room with Dice Roller will be HERE. I will provide Guest DMs with the information required to join the correct room.

  I will copy/paste the games on this blog UNEDITED. OOC (Out of Character/Real Life) stuff must be discussed in brackets so it's easier for people to read -and maybe even skip all OOC bits- after the fact.

  The duration of each game will depend on what was discussed between the Guest DM and I before starting.

  All Guest DMs must respect the continuity of what has happened in the story before their turn to run the game and treat it as canon.

  Anyone interested in being a Guest DM please contact me. You will be credited and your blog and/or web site will be linked in the post of the game you ran.

  For those who are wondering, yes it is very possible for Adamus to die and for the story to end at that moment. We'll see how long he lasts.

  If you think I've forgotten to mention/clarify any details please leave a comment and I will edit this post accordingly. And now, here's Adamus at the beginning of the campaign!

Level 1 Human Rogue
HP: 6
AC: 14 (10 +1 Dex, +2 Leather Armor, +1 Main-Gauche)
Alignment: Neutral (Used to be Neutral Evil from before the game starts!)

Str: 9 (-)
Dex: 13 (+1)* 
Con: 11 (-)*
Int: 14 (+1)*
Wis: 14 (+1)
Cha: 10 (-)
*= Prime

Weapons: Longsword (+0 to Hit, 1d8 Dam), Light Crossbow (+1 to Hit, 12 bolts, 1d6 Dam), Main-Gauche (+0 to Hit, 1d4+1 Dam or +1 to AC)
Other Equipment: Riding Horse with Saddle, Backpack (inside: Rations for 1 week, 50 feet of Hemp Rope, Tinder Box for 10 fires, 5 torches), Small Belt Pouch (inside: Rogue's Tools)
Currency: 71 GP, 4 SP, 5 CP

Story (Includes the Dark Secret, the Background and its leading question): Adamus Welford is the son of a wealthy merchant, Thomas Welford. His mother died at birth and his father was always away to take care of the family business, allowing Adamus to grow with little supervision in a life of luxury where he'd get everything he wanted with no one to teach him moral values. As a young adult, Adamus enjoyed the thrill of power over others, bullying his servants and one day going too far and beating a maid to death after she had accidentally stained his favorite jacket. 

  Her name was Helena, a pleasant young woman who had the friendship and affection of all the other servants. It still took Adamus by surprise when the servants denounced his actions to the city guard. Despite his father's wealth, Adamus was no noble aristocrat, and so if caught he could expect the executionner's axe. He fled his own home barely in time to avoid the guards and had to find a way to survive without his family wealth as he travelled from one place to another over the years, on the run. The one time he tried to reach for his father for help, he almost fell into a trap; His own father now despised him for his cruelty and wanted him caught! He had little choice but to become a thief and mercenary Outrider, depending on the jobs offered him by various clients of different backgrounds.

  Now a man in his early 30's, Adamus is lean and pale with short dark hair, his once-lean nose showing signs of having been broken a few times, his left cheek scarred from a deep knife cut received long ago in battle. He wears a black inverness coat over his clothes and armor and often props its collar up, which covers the lower half of his face when observed from the side.

  He still works to this day as an outrider, mercenary and thief, but every so often he'll witness the oddest thing; Even if it's always from afar, he sees Helena sitting on a horse, watching him. It always happens in the midst of battle and she's always gone once it's over...


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