Thursday, 26 March 2015

Reply to "Social Justice and Gaming'

I hope she doesn't destroy your capacity to play and enjoy tabletop RPGs just by existing in a book!

  I've recently done a post that came close to the 'social justice' trend. (Or I guess you could argue it was social justice. I don't know, nor do I care much in that regard.) In that post, I also pointed out I wouldn't make a habit of it because in this hobby about rolling dice and killing dragons, I wanted to keep my blog centered on the fun stuff and not go looking for trouble. I don't go looking for discrimination to point out, in other words.

  But come on, when I come across blatant discrimination without even looking for it, I do have to call it out. And this is where I'll maybe make a few enemies, but honestly I wouldn't want the approval of anyone who agrees with the crap I read there.

 The crap being this post here called 'Social Justice and Gaming'.

  I'll let you all read it first, but here are my main replies to this whining bullcrap:

  "You saw female fighters, barbarians and the like for the first time (again, nothing wrong with this, when it is done in moderation)."
  So there's nothing wrong with this... when done in moderation. LOL. I mean, let's not get carried away. Let's not have too many female protagonists who can handle themselves in a fight here!
  O.k, here's the thing. When a Fantasy author like Richard Morgan talks about the role of female characters and gay people in his stories, he clearly discusses them from a very realistic point of view for a type of storytelling that doesn't sweep things under the rug. How medieval society would be in serious storytelling. D&D is not serious storytelling, it's escapism, it's a social game, it's meant to be fun for everyone. It's meant to be inclusive, and that term is only a vague undefinable thing for people who are bothered by it. D&D is not a serious, historical game. D&D is a game with character alignments that could never encompass the true complexities of real people. D&D is the game where you can fight winged gorillas with laser guns if you go gonzo enough with it. D&D is a type of game where if your character is high enough level he can basically survive a fall from whatever height he/she is falling from. It is not realistic. D&D is not the place to tell your female friends that no more than one of them should play a female Fighter.  Now, I would actually somewhat agree if, say, Call of Cthulhu scenarios from the 20's didn't spotlight how things actually were back then, yet pretending something never happened is no lesson learned. But when you are bothered by the idea of seeing too many minorities in a D&D book instead of simply going "Let's see what this book has to offer my campaign." then you are doing something wrong.

  "Social Justice has taken over our hobby. It is up to us to take it back." 
  Yeah! Let's take back the game so us straight white male gamers are once more fairly represented in games and... Oh wait, we already are.

  "The LGBTQ movement (not a representative of the whole) began to force its worldview down the throats of the American people through legislation (“anti”-discrimination laws) and the courts. They pushed for gay marriage and won in many court cases." 
   Hey idiot, drop the quote marks, they are fighting for anti-discrimination laws. When two consenting adults cannot marry unlike the majority of adults just because the majority likes to rub their genitals against a different type of genitals, they are being discriminated against. It's not even an argument to be had. What you could try to argue is why this discrimination is good for society if you wanted and I would argue against you, but that it is discrimination is not even something to be argued. I find it idiotic when people go "Hey, we don't discriminate, we already allow them to be together, but now they want the same rights as us???" Right, that doesn't sound like discrimination at all.

 Oh no, two dudes are kissing on a Fantasy cover! 

  "As always guys, leave your thoughts, but don’t be a dick!" 
  You mean unlike you? Dude, you can't have your cake and eat it. You can't claim that you don't have a problem with the portrayal of minorities in games but then specify you don't want too much of it.

  As a final side-note, the hobby this guy wants still exists. Most retro-clones and OSR stuff is not inclusive at all and is mostly centered around white dudes and half-naked girls. It hasn't gone anywhere. But last time I checked, Pathfinder, the most inclusive mainstream tabletop RPG I can think of, was the best-selling game on the shelves. (Maybe it's changed, but it was not long ago.) So maybe this guy needs a reality check regarding who the 'true' hobbyists are. Maybe the new generations of geeks don't all look exactly the same.

  Anyway, now that I've posted about this, to hell with it. The next post is about cheesecake in gaming, and I disagree with both this guy and this guy.

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