Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Initial Thoughts for a Steampunk Campaign

  This isn't for anything I'd do anytime soon, but I have this idea that if I was ever to run a D&D-like Steampunk campaign, I'd use Machinations of the Space Princess.
  I mean, Machinations of the Space Princess has all you need to build your own technological stuff without any specifics on how exactly it's supposed to work. You simply follow the guidelines for pricing and there you go!
  Setting-wise it would probably be human-centric, no dwarves or elves, with the weird stuff (mutants, zombies, etc) not coming from magic but rather from steam-tech.
  Then again if you let magic in, you get to have the player characters flying planes to fight dragons...
  Other than that, maybe all that steam and pollution make it so players have to roll on a 'Health Problems & Mutations' table during character creation?
  Like I said, just initial thoughts, nothing tangible yet. I'm not sure I'll take this idea further than this one random post.