Monday, 5 January 2015

Chronicles of Death & Dungeoneering - Intro

  Hey everyone! I want to stretch my writing muscles so I figured I could do a fun little project on my two blogs, HERE and HERE, and YOU can participate! (Yes, you! Don't try to walk away, I can see you there!)
  It will be a series titled 'Chronicles of Death & Dungeoneering' where I'll write the tales of adventurers going into dungeons and other unsafe places of their world. I will keep traditional Fantasy staples like Dwarves and Elves for this story, not because I can't come up with other stuff but because of the nature of the project... I'll allow people to vote for where the story will go next at the end of every chapter!
  I'm not saying the idea is new in any way, but frankly I wanted to experiment with the style. By using known Fantasy tropes, readers/voters will be able to make better informed decisions when the time comes to vote than if I was creating every single detail from scratch.
  Don't worry though, I do intend to make the story and characters as original as I can! After all, we all know the 'rules' that exist in a fictional story set in our own world, and stories without any fantastic elements can still be fresh and original. So my point is that it's not because you haven't invented the Fantastical races of a fictional world that you can't make it fun and new. Well, I'll try my best at least.
  So for the next post: Chapter One!